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I love my job! I get to spend all day with people who are facing their fears, working through their problems, openly expressing their self-doubts. I help adults, couples and teens cope with their sadness, anger and frustration. Yet I also see you all shine with courage, brilliance, determination, creativity and wonder. Yes, suffering is awful, yet recovery is awesome! In 26 years now of helping people work through their troubles, what really astonishes me the most is the resilience of my clients - how bravely they move on through life. Some come to me trying to hide from their troubles with alcohol, drugs, sex, work or computer media and TV; yet they soon learn 'the only way out is through' - that only by facing our troubles directly can we find the real ease and joy they want. This means “daring to be vulnerable” as Brene Brown writes. I've learned this personally too, since my own family was messed up, and I've had to work through my own parent-created trauma, arguments, fears, depression and break-ups. So, simply put, it's a real honor for me to help you banish your troubles and restore ease and joy in your life.

I serve clients throughout the Santa Cruz area, including residents of Santa Cruz (Eastside and Westside/Downtown), Bonny Doon, Live Oak, Opal Cliffs, Capitola, Soquel, Rio Del Mar, Aptos, Aptos Hills, Larkin Valley, Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Scotts Valley, Corralitos, Watsonville as well as Los Gatos, Cupertino and other cities over the hill.
Here are the kind of clients, concerns and conditions I treat:

When Did I Start Feeling So Bad?
I'm an Adult, I Should Be Able to Cope!

Adult concerns & conditions : depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, bipolar(manic-depression), childhood abuse, attachment losses, grief, anger, sadness, shame, guilt, negative body image, low self-esteem, job loss, long-term unemployment, life transitions, codependency, drug/alcohol abuse and addiction, eating disorders, chronic illness, grief and loss, bulimia, anorexia, and racial/cultural/GLBTQ issues.

For Some Kids and Their Parents, the Teen Years Are the Toughest
Teenage issues : PTSD, suicidal acts/threats, ADHD, physical/sexual/ verbal abuse, depression, anxiety, bullying (victim or perpetrator of physical hurt and/or insults), isolation, addiction to video games and other digital media, drug abuse or addiction (pills, pot, ecstacy, meth, cocaine, alcohol), sexual promiscuity, 'sexting' incidents, school suspensions, school boredom, poor grades, special ed issues, gifted child challenge, test anxiety, phobias, over-eating, anorexia, discrimination by race, culture, sexual orientation, 'coming out,' family rejection, homophobia, transphobia  grief and loss (notably 'break-ups').
This Isn't How Our Family's Supposed to Be!
Family issues : All of the issues listed above and below for adults and couples, plus blended families, step-parenting, single-parenting, parent-child conflict, sibling conflict, 'generation gap,' interference by in-laws, gay or lesbian parenting, family rejection of a family member due to any cause, coping with care of elderly parents, grandparents caring for grandchildren, and parents with adult children still living at home.

Couples: Tension Arises -- Desire to Reconcile + Fear of Breaking Up

Couple/partner concern s : pre-nuptual counseling, desire for relationship improvement, anger, arguing, bitterness, stonewalling, harsh criticism, loss of intimacy, avoidance, loss of sexual desire, life transitions, unemployment, financial difficulties, confusion, dysfunctional patterns (e.g. an overly compliant person with a 'control freak'), lying, suspicion, adultery, reconciling, temporary/ permanent separation, mediation, financial settlement, divorce, child custody, co-parenting after separation/divorce, coping with retirement and elder caretaking.


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