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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


       You yourself must be troubled, or upset with your partner or your teenager - or you wouldn't be here looking at my site. I can assure you, therapy can definitely restore your mood and your spirit back to the person you love to be.

     You must want a professional who's talented, caring and knows what he's doing. Also, when you feel vulnerable, you want to trust your therapist.  So it's crucial you 'get' me and I 'get' you - that we connect with each other.

     I am a very good counselor, I won't mince words. I love my job, and I just seem to have a natural talent for listening, understanding and helping people. I have a remarkable ability to see through to the best in people, and bring it out of you even if you are anxious, upset, angry or sad.

     As to my personality, clients say they like my warmth, empathy and honesty. Many have found me remarkably insightful - cutting through confusion to the truth, helping you learn from mistakes and see your true goodness. I think that's my job - to work hard to understand you and celebrate how wonderful you really are.     

   I have loads of education and experience. I earned an MS in psychology from CA State University, Chico, my JD from University of Pennsylvania and my BA from Harvard. I moved down here to Santa Cruz in 2011 after retiring from a counseling agency up north - Butte County Behavioral Health. Over 17 years at clinics in Chico, Paradise and Oroville, I've treated more than a thousand families, or about 3,500 adults and children. I've supervised and trained other clinicians and worked with psychiatrists, MDs, RNs, teachers, school principals, probation officers, attorneys. Also, when courts are involved, my law training comes in handy. I'm familiar with most mental conditions and leading therapy techniques such as CBT, EMDR and Positive Psychology. So I'm kind-of an elder in my field.

  Call or text me anytime at (831) 454-8178 or e-mail me at [email protected] for your FREE telephone consultation. Whether you're in crisis or calmer than that - it's not just brave, it's wise to ask for help. If you want more information about me, see also my listings on the following websites, clicking on their "Find a Therapist" links:
             www.counselingcalifornia.com                                                              santacruztherapists.org





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